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MCAT-Cutoff (I know the 100000th time someone asks this)

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Unless you're SWOMEN you can rule Western out.


Realistically, Queen's isn't an option either. Apply to Manitoba, Alberta, Calgary, Toronto, and McMaster.


I'd say Manitoba and Alberta are your strongest options. You're practically guaranteed an interview at Manitoba (*knock on wood) and it is highly likely you'll get one for Alberta as well. Calgary is worth a shot although your Verbal won't do you any favours. Toronto and McMaster are always up in the air.

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not sure if srs.


...or just trolling?


Pfffft, no way. No one ever trolls around here. We're all serious business.


I'm slightly amused that OP would apply to Yale, Hopkins and Harvard with the intention of GOING TO SCHOOL IN THE STATES (read: $$$$$$$) ...but not want to drop the extra bucks to apply to Western or other Canadian med schools.

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**** Western. You're clearly cream of the crop. If they reject you, meanwhile you get interviews at Yale and schools that are actually GOOD (IE: not Western), it's entirely their loss.


Don't give them the satisfaction of adding another notch on their bedpost (another rejection). You're going to get into a good school. Don't settle for a ****ty one that likes to puff themselves up due to heavy competition in ontario. You're not getting into Western - they explicitly state on their website that 11VR is required.


Hard cutoffs are stupid.


I'm not going to delete this post because censorship isn't anyone's goal here, but try to be more polite, professional, and respectful when you post. It's not hard, and a little bit goes a long way.

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