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MCAT Cutoff (I know sorry for the 100000000th time someone asks this)

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Ok here is the deal. U of T student here.


4.0 GPA, 38R MCAT. Very strong ECs and research.


Received interviews requests at many major top ranked schools in the States (Yale, Columbia, Vanderbilt...still waiting for reply from Harvard and Hopkins and 10 others...etc) Probably will go to the States for Medical school. Applying for Canadian ones as backup.


Anyways, MCAT wasn't balanced (15 Physics, 9 Verbal, and 14 Biology and R for writing). Yes, in the States they actually look at everything in your file beyond the stupid hard cutoff. There are people who get into Harvard or Washington with a 9 in Verbal. As I said, besides my GPA and MCAT I have very strong EC and research (abroad and in Canada).


Will the 9 hold me back at Queens given my perfect or nearly perfect performance at other sections?


Just try applying. But yes, this year the 9 may hold you back a bit. Queens is a bit unpredictable, so trying doesn't hurt.

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