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Currently i have the following courses that could be dropped (1FCE is 1 full course equivalent it is UT undergraduate system of listing things):


1.) 0.5FCE C+ -67

2.)1 FCE B- 71

3.) 0.5FCE B- 72

4.) 1 FCE B -74

5.) 0.5FCE B -74

6.) 1 FCE B -77


I have completed 4 yrs and have graduated. I have taken a full course load and should be eligible to drop the lowest of 4 FCE courses. As you can see there are 4.5 courses listed.


If you start dropping the lowest scores it would be (1,2,3,4,5) that is 3.5 courses and the last one is the 1FCE so my question is do they weight the 1 FCE as only a half course to get to 4 FCE dropped or is there something else they do? Or do they drop only 3.5? How does this work.


Thanks for the help.

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