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I'm Mike, a pre-med student at UF, and just started a website called www.mcatquestionoftheday.com, to help pre-med students study for the MCAT.


I started it a few days ago, and my goal is to use the site as a learning tool for both myself and other pre-med students around the nation.


Do you guys have any suggestions for improvements to the site? Any thing I should change?


Thanks so much,



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Having a comments section beneath the question might be helpful, as students might still not understand the answer after reading the explanation. If this forum does anything, it shows that pre-medders love comment boards


This is something I've been considering adding. I'll definitely start adding something like this in the near future. Thanks for the suggestion!


Questions are a bit easier ATM...but I'm sure you'll upload harder ones.


Yeah, sometimes I take the easy road (for myself) and make the question a bit too easy. There will be harder ones coming up soon. Thanks!


Sounds like a cool website. I agree with a comment section at the bottom. Maybe past questions?


If you mean looking at questions from the past, in the sidebar you can click the random question link, which takes you to a random question. You can also choose to look at all questions from a specific category as well from the sidebar. Thanks for the comment!

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