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Princeton Review MCAT Books for Sale (ideal for those studying on their own)


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I have the following book for sale, these are the 2010-2011 editions, still in excellent condition, with no writing or marking inside as I completed all the work on loose leaf paper on the side. I will be honest, if you plan to take the review class you will have to buy straight from Kaplan.


If you are one of those types of students who does not like lectures and you read the textbook and learn on your own as your primary study habit I recommend you do the same. I wrote the test in June and scored a 34S using these books, and I DID NOT take the class.


I am listing the retail price of the books in Canada in CAD in brackets, and after that is the price I am asking for.


Note I have all of the review books for each section (i.e. Chem, Bio, Orgo, Physics) but I am keeping these, but would sell them if someone offers face value, I doubt any of you will but throwing it out there in case).


Cracking the MCAT (retails for $121) - I am selling for $60

- a shotgun approach to reviewing the material, covers EVERYTHING but not in detail, comes with lots of practice questions.


MCAT Workout (retails for $27.99) - I am selling for $14

- Has a TON of practice questions for each section with very detailed answers, this is the perfect book to use as you near the end of your studying.


MCAT Elite (retails for $35) - I am selling for $17

- more practice, but the most important thing this book does is that it gives you study guide tips, suggestions on how to track your success so you see what areas you are struggling on, and how to improve it.


MCAT Verbal Reasoning & Writing Review (retails for $41) - I am selling for $20

- Verbal is the hardest section on the MCAT, this book helps you learn how to approach and tackle the section with lots and lots of practice. Also gives you some excellent advice on how to prepare for the writing section which is usually tough to prepare for seeing as it can be so many different topics.


I can package ALL 4 books for an even $100.


I live in the 404/Highway 7 area of Toronto, ideally we could meet somewhere close but we can meet halfway too.


Email me at rolo_cakes@yahoo.ca for a faster response

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