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A Little Essay Advice Please

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So I wrote my essay I out as I wanted it and am now having a hard time editing it down. So a few questions to those who would like to give an opinion. I want to chop off the fingers and toes of this thing and not hack out the organs by mistake.

1) The majority of the essay is about my ECs because school has always just been an enjoyment of learning but nothing really special. Is a 200 word paragraph about how I enjoy biology sufficient?


2) Alot of my major ECs I write what I did and add a personal story/experience that really stuck with me. I feel that this really gives my essay credibility but at the same time this is what's taking up most of the space.


3)The reason I was really inspired to be a doctor was me and my family's experience with one of the members suffering from depression. I can't say I really did 'anything' that would help me prepare it was just something that inspired me. This story takes up a 3rd of my essay, should I use it but just briefly?


4) I have some background about my childhood and high school? Should I limit that as much as possible?


Thanks for the help.

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I had the same problem last year. Luckily, I have friends who helped me a lot.


The simple advice is - don't make a laundry list of your ECs! They can already see them in your ABS


I'm sure you have a number of ECs but 2-3 common themes (eg. healthcare, welfare, sports, music, what-have-you).


Try to just talk about what motivates you to do a particular group of ECs and what you find interesting, rather than just listing them all off individually.


Also, I recommend increasing the emphasis on your personal story rather than repeating the ECs - the essay is your forum to tell your story ... and what characteristics make you a worthy candidate - don't miss out on it !


Good Luck!

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