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Questions about NSERC USRA at UWaterloo


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I'm hoping to win an NSERC USRA for a research position with a UWaterloo professor this fall, but I am unsure of the whole process.


Am I able to apply with multiple professors? Can I for example apply for it with 2 biology professors and 2 chem professors. Or can I only apply for one grant per faculty?


If I were applying with multiple professors would it be a bit strange for them to know that I might not be working with them even if I win the grant, or is this standard practise?


I also have a 89.5% cumulative average and am in 3rd year so is this pretty competitive?


Thanks in advance for your help!

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I don't recommend applying with multiple profs let alone in the same department, remember that whoever decides to give out NSERC will probably see your 2 applications if you apply at the same department.


Your grade seems fine although you'll have to ask your seniors to see what the past year averages were. You shouldn't have to apply with multiple profs at all

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