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Summer courses question

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Hi guys,


Does anyone know if there are limitations on when you can take the summer courses to make a full course load? Does it have to be consecutive? Or can it be taken in any summer?


I have one year with 27 credits, didn't take a course that summer, but I did take 6 credits the following summer. All my other years are 30.


I'm freaking a bit, so if anyone knows, please post!


Also, if we are taking one of the prereq's through DE in the winter term at a different unviersity than our home institution, are transcripts required? And does it need to be listed in OMSAS?


Transcripts would be required for any course completed while you're working towards your degree no matter where you take the class. If you're specifically inquiring about ottawa and the full course load.. u just need 8 half credits to be completed in one year for it to be considered full time, as long as u have extra credits taken in additional years to compensate for the missing 3 units. Thats how it was last year anyway.

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When you say 8 half-courses, does it necessarily have to be 4 courses per semester, or can it be 3 courses, and 5 courses, in the fall and winter respectively.


If anyone has any idea, I would appreciate any insight you may have.


*I have contacted admissions, but Diane Parent said she was unsure, and would notify some time this week.

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