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Hi guys,


can someone explain the similarities and differences between:


MD/PhD in Pharmacology vs. MD/PhD in Bioengineering vs. Pharmacy?


Please, if you can list all of the pros, cons, similarities, differences, etc.


I'm a career changer (liberal arts), but I'm in the process of deciding between these 3 career options.


Well...I think the first priority is to get into med school, meet pre-reqs, etc.


The PhD can be in (mostly) anything, though the vast vast majority of individuals do something biomedically related from what I've seen. When you do apply to MD/PhD you have to identify who/department will be supervising your PhD thesis as well, so that's a factor. Whatever your masters/research experience has been in, that's what usually the PhD is in as well.


As Osteon has pointed out as well, the PhD is for people who really are passionate about research. Some candidates focus more on the medical side than the research side, and vice versa, but all do have research as a large component of their future careers.

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