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Is it essential to do EC's during school?

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Hey guys, I have some questions to ask.


I'm in my second year and I signed up to volunteer for Heart & Stroke Foundation and some charity in my school and I'm not even sure if it will be counted towards my resume... besides, we barely do anything. There isn't much events going on... it's almost meaningless if you ask me...


I do realize that it is necessary, if not essential, to volunteer during school. So far all I've done is peer tutoring, looking after kids in the community (during vacation... :( ) and volunteering in the hospital. I want my EC to be great... would med schools look down on me if I don't volunteer much during academic year?



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You have to have some activities. Be clever with choosing them and make sure they don't impact your grades. GPA is King.


I signed up for too much and got overwhelmed during first 2 weeks... So I quit few EC's and right now I'm just volunteering at a lab 6 hours a week and a club executive in a fairly large student club, organizing events.


I'm not doing any "service ethics" during school year, maybe this is not a clever choice of activities? I do enjoy the club executive position, and the lab is supervised by a med school prof so I'm reluctant to give up these activities for just "hospital volunteering"...


What do you think about this?

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