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KYLAMONKEY :) consider this a PM

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First of all - so sorry for doing this this route - I tried to PM you but you are totally full of messages :)


Hi Kyla (haha assuming this is your name),


How are you?


I am in the midst right now of figuring my life out - haha - this bloody road is a long one .. especially for us non-trads!


I have currently applied to UBC's BSc in Food Nutrition & Health for my second UG degree - however I want to keep my doors completely OPEN!


I am seriously thinking about applying to TRU - for completion of an online Pysch. degree.


Can you give me some insight about the research you have done on the subject. How you are liking it so far etc.


I figure if Medical School isn't in the cards for me - I can become a clinical/counselling pyschologist ... working with similar populations and under similar conditions.


Honestly Kyla - I want to hear everything you know about the subject and why you chose this route over simply attending UBC again :)


All the best!

Thank you so much,


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Thanks for the "PM"! :)


I am liking my program so far, but correspondence is not for everyone. I decided to do it this way so I could have flexibility and live where I wanted. I'm up in Whitehorse now, but I have the freedom to go over to teslin for the winter or mayo. I can work part-time and have flexible hours.


Psych was for 2 reasons. TBH I am not really interested in doing psychology, I just want to have courses that focus on people. This term I'm taking medical terminology as an elective, and 2 100-level psych and 2 200-level psych.


What else can I say- I have run into some pitfalls, and I'm trying to sort them out. I've also moved and have a lot of housekeeping stuff to take care of (changing addresses etc). I'll add to my thread from earlier soon- it's on my to do list. :)

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