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What documents to send to CARMS?

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Quick question: I'm working on my CaRMS application, and I notice there are all sorts of extra documents I could send in (undergrad transcripts, abstracts, etc.). I have lots of stuff that could supplement my application; I'm just wondering what actually needs to go. I'm applying to family, btw, and none of the family program descriptions say anything about these documents being required, but then again, neither do any of the urology or pathology programs, and I'd expect they WOULD be required for those.



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I wouldn't send undergrad transcripts....


I think you should send abstracts if they are pertinent to the specialty as this could be a topic of conversation in your interviews. In my case, the research was done in a completely different specialty so I don't think that I'm going to include an abstract....


I think that in general, you should have a good reason for sending any extra documents because the people reading your application have better things to do than filter through extra documents that they don't care about.

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Heh. Yeah, no undergrad transcripts and I won't bother with grad school transcripts either where coursework is even less important. My published paper will be listed, of course, but I don't think that providing the abstract for "Statistical inference for food webs with emphasis on ecological networks via Bayesian melding" will be altogether meaningful for most programs.

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