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Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone has ever used someone who they knew from HIGH SCHOOL as their referee? This particular person was my high school vice principal, and also the director of my jazz band. As I was section leader and heavily involved in music, I was particularly close with him, and we still keep in touch, meet up for dinners. I would go back from time to time to help with the jazz band as well. He is now retired, but he still directs the jazz band. I believe that he probably knows me the best in a broad spectrum, ranging from academics (seeing how he was vice principal, he had access to my marks lol), performing arts, and personality. Would he be an effective referee, if he is now a retired vice principal?



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Thanks for the reply guys!


For the first response - I wouldn't say we're good friends. I have a lot of respect for this man, and I feel that he's more like someone who I look up to. As for his view towards me, he keeps in touch with a lot of his past students, and I think that he - like a lot of other educators - really connect with some students during their career, and are interested in how things turn out for them after they leave high school. Is it possible to respect someone so much that you feel you're not worthy to be their friend, or that you can only see them as a mentor? That's sort of how I feel...


And for f_d, thanks for your encouragement! I will definitely discuss this with him the next time I see him.


However... I know that people usually have official letterheads for their reference letters from professors/research PI's, but as in my case, since he's retired, he's not really affiliated with any organization, except for his Yacht Club, where he's the Senior Commodore (kinda like President, in boat talk). Would it appear less effective if he sent a letter without a letterhead?


Thanks again :)

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Absolutely, your high school principle would be an excellent choice for a referee.


I think if he tried hard enough, he can get a letterhead from the school. He may even have a few laying around. Perferably he would be able to write it on letterhead but its not the end of the world if its written on plain paper but he explains that he is a retired principle and knew you in what capacity.

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