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Any hope? Please help! Urgent!

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Hi Guys,


I was hoping to get some input on a very unfortunate situation I encountered. This past weekend I had extreme family difficulties and emergencies and tried to submit my application this past Monday, the deadline. I understand that this is a medical school application and that I should not have waited till the very end, but the situations that I was faced with were unforeseen. I had every component of the application ready and when I clicked submit at about 4:20, the system froze up but my other links were working. By the time I refreshed and tried logging back in, it said cycle for 2012 is closed. The only component I had left was to submit my credit card number but according to OMSAS it says payments are due October 7th. When I called OMSAS on Tuesday, they were not willing to do anything and did not even check my ID number to see what went wrong.


Does anyone have any ideas or know anyone in a similar situation or how I could possibly deal with this situation? I was really hoping for U of T where my GPA would be 3.9 with an MCAT score of 31Q and solid EC's, but now my only hope is the states. Please please please if anyone can help at all that would greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance.

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