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Shameless Onenote plug


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I've been using onenote for 3 semesters now in my UG, and recently bought an HP2150c tablet to replace my old crappy laptop. I was in orgo today and realized just how much I absolutely love this program, especially with tablet functions.(Still awesome with a regular laptop, I see so many students typing notes in MS word, gah!) I have no idea why onenote is not given more PR from MS.


Just thought I'd do a little PSA with a couple of screenshots:handnotes.jpg

DIfferent pen colors, ability to zoom in and out like the ipad "two finger zoom" gesture, use finger for moving the page around (or use the scroll bars)

I can get incredible detail and my notes are really not that messy (this was a 1 hour lecture and barely had time to draw - I'm not a tidy person to begin with)




I flip the lid back and take keyboard notes... See the little "play" button? Everything I draw or type is linked to my onboard microphone, so I click on a line, and it immediately jumps to the recorded audio for that part of the lecture. Great review if you didn't type out a comprehensible line!


So, sorry to be a fanboy, but I didn't see much on here about a tablet/onenote combo. It's ridiculously efficient, tablets are getting into 1200/800 rez now, and the capacitive/digitized screen combo actually does wonders now. Oh yeah, you can easily convert even the sloppiest handwritten notes into text if you prefer handwirting things.


I downloaded most of my textbooks this year, and they remain open in adobe acrobat in the back ground. However, I still prefer real textbooks for some topics.


I have a home server, and onenote syncs my journals to my home coputer and server for backup, and so I can review my lectures at home on the bigscreen, with the prof chattering away over my stereo.


Tons more, but I just felt the onenote love particularly strongly today and wanted to share. Cheers!

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Yup, I used OneNote through a lot of my undergrad too and it's amazing! I often "printed" the PPT or PDF slides into a workbook and then annotated as I listened in class, so nice!


I also love the fact that you can have it automatically sync to all of your computers.


Exactly. OneNote is how I'm surviving med school. Its spectacular for having everything in one place.

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a friend of mine told me he was using evernote for note-taking in residency. it also syncs to all your devices - he said he would he would just create a note like "abdominal pain", and then he would add to it whenever he came across something new about abdo pain. he swore by it...do you think you could do the same thing with onenote? i've never used it before...


Yes, of course you can. Though the mobile versions of OneNote are less feature-rich than EverNote. I consider EverNote great for quite jotting of notes whereas OneNote is much better for overall notetaking during lectures or for large topics.

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