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Hey Guys,


I'm new, and just as nervous as everyone else.

I had a rough summer, broke up with my girlfriend, had a tough PI who forced me to work 12 hours a day, and had to study for the MCATs through all the mental and emotional stress. Hardest (ongoing) experience of my life.


Since Ottawa is the only school that doesn't look at MCAT i'm applied there.


wGPA 3.861


EC: Respite work (5 years), entrepeneur of swim school (4 years), Created a fitness program that got signed (this year), research for 2 years and made some findings in neurology, certified in animal surgury, scholarships and research awards, and other fun interesting stuff about me include skydiving, rockclimbing, fitness model, body building, lifeguard, lifesaving instructor, team captain and champions of minor university intramural tournaments.


All I got going for me is my EC and I don't even know if it's that good. I'm nervous and scared because my GPA just barely made the cut-offs.



I was wondering other than the fact wGPA cutoffs for different geographic groups, is there a quota of how many people ottawa accepts from each group?


Good luck to everyone else!

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