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Swomen and a 9 in verbal

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Are there people that have gotten a 9 in verbal and 30 overall that have been accepted?


I've heard quite a few people saying in our class they were saved by SWOMEN because their VR was 9 or 10, but I am not sure about their overall score. I don't think MCAT plays a huge role beyond the interview so as long as you make the cutoff you should be okay.

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In the past, we've heard stories that the score post interview is the following


50% interview score

25% MCAT (Only verbal and writing sections)

25% GPA


And all those are calculated in comparison to the applicant pool.



But who knows how this has changed since 4-5 years ago.


More likely than not... the interview is the make or break. If you're interviewing, it means you got the nads to be there. But the interview is what sets you apart from the other applicants.


tl;dr - just get the interview, and do well, and good news will come your way :)

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