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Successful applicants: advice for Mac and other schools??

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Hi all,


I'm hoping to apply to med school next year (Mac is my first choice with an intent to become a paediatrician or OBGYN) and am desperate for honest information on my chances! My qualifications are:


-BSoc.Sc. in International Development (3.9 GPA according to OSMAS)

-2 years working at an international children's charity (grant proposals, office work, and writing on poverty, maternal and child health)

-3-month volunteer internship in Botswana in children's rights (also designed and conducted community-based research on refuges' access to health services)

-volunteered for a weekend at a paediatric AIDS clinic while in Botswana

-1-month volunteer placement in Ghana, caring for orphaned children and teaching english

-3 8-month placements at different government of Canada departments (unrelated to medicine)

-Fundraising volunteer for the United Nations Children's Fund of Canada

-Member of anti-poverty club during first-year of university

- no science courses (but I'm studying for the MCAT myself with a great tutor. I'm already a good self-learner)


I'm not worried about the verbal, as my undergrad was essay-intensive, I've worked in an editorial department at the country's central bank and I read voraciously! I've tried many different jobs but have decided I would like to become a doctor, with concrete skills. Both my mother and grandmother are doctors, so I know what I'm getting myself into! But, I'm very social and empathetic, so I know i'd thrive in the kind of relationships doctors such as OBGYNs and paeds. must cultivate with their patients.


Do I have a shot? Is there anything I should improve?


Thanks so much and good luck/congrats to current applicants/those accepted!! =)

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You know, a lot of times when I see someone with volunteerism abroad, the activities are all kind of random and unrelated and my first thought is "you don't really care about this; you just think it looks good." Yours do seem to all go within the same theme, and along the same themes as your work experience as well, and for that reason I get a bit more of a genuine vibe from you. Your cGPA is excellent, your activities are strong, and provided you can do well on the MCAT I think you'll get a bunch of interview offers on your first try. My suggestions for what little improvement you will need are:


1. Look into the schools you're interested in and make sure you meet the science course requirements. Some schools don't have any, but some do. Take courses as needed.


2. MCAT ain't no joke. Study hard, and you'll do well.


3. I didn't see any research experience, but I think this could be a big addition to your CV if you can find a placement. Especially if you can get a conference presentation or paper out of it.


4. I didn't see any awards - this could go with a summer NSERC and satisfy the research recommendation simultaneously.


5. I didn't see any personal activities; they were all employment types of things. Do you play any sports, or instruments? What do you do on your spare time?


6. Most of your positions were volunteer spots, and it seems like your only work experience was in the government (which is great). A summer NSERC could add some paid work experience too.


Good luck!

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