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PAT Pattern Form Development Question

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Here's why not... Since you ALWAYS fold into the page, you will NEVER see the back. Think of folding a shape to make a cube. If you fold INTO the page all the surfaces you see will be on the outside of the cube when you finish folding (which is what you want).


If you fold out of the page though, then the surfaces that they show you will all end up on the inside of the cube (where you can't see them if the back side was blank). Because of this, ALWAYS fold INTO the page and just imagine the backside as being blank.


This is important because if there was a heart or shaded area, by assuming that the backside is the same will give inverted results in some instances and that will lead you to thinking that an answer is correct when it shouldn't be.


Come out to our prep course for tons of tips, tricks and techniques. 5 of the people teaching got 27 or higher on the PAT. To put that in perspective, only 16 people of 1138 got 27 or higher for PAT in Nov 2009.

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Yikes...I think there are some errors then in the PAT part of testing in my Barron's book...


I didn't use Barron's, but I've heard from other people that it does have quite a few errors. If you are going through a question and you are absolutely sure that you are right then trust yourself. The books, as well as the actual DAT, may have some mistakes. It happens and for the actual DAT they will look at the test after to make sure that they didn't have any impossible or wrong questions and will adjust the scores accordingly. I found that the best PAT training is Crack DAT PAT. It is hands down the best practice you can get.




I went with the Ace edition and got a 24.

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