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Damn man ....


Finally passed in my final draft of my masters thesis after the internal, external review and my thesis supervisor sent me a message an hour ago he was going to sign all the forms and pass them into the grad office on Tuesday ... read: DONE! ... so I decide to just numb my brain with some Netflix and its DOWN .... I did get to watch Jarhead before this happened but wanted to watch at least one if not 2 more movies tonight. After all this med school application stuff and finalizing my grad stuff I have 52 movies piled up in my List of movies to watch .... ugh ...


Oh well Ill try in an hour or so.


Anyone else trying to numb there mind for the long weekend, post-application/waiting for interview period? ....:) I also have a pile of video games waiting for playing .... may do that instead tonight.



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I must be a part of the "Some members have been experiencing problems ..." you must be a part of the members not experiencing problems :) I pay my $7.99 month just like you why do I get the poopy end of the stick :D


No worries there are many other mindless things I can turn my brain into mush with.

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