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3.96 with 12/8V/12/Q

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I'll give my (somewhat subjective) interpretation of your stats:


GPA: excellent, very competitive

Research: the fact that you were involved for 3 years is very good. I don't think many undergrads have pubs so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. The main thing is expaining to the adcoms how your research experience has increased your suitability as a candidate for medicine.

MCAT: the U of T website says MCAT is used only as a flag if you have <27 overall or <8 in any 1 section. If what they say is true, your MCAT score is fine

ECs: need some more variety. 500 is an impressive number, but it's the quality of the experience that counts not the quantity.


Conclusion: If you can honestly say your research and volunteer experiences have been meaningful and have made you a better person/ student go ahead and apply. Otherwise, stay for a fourth year and work on those.

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3rd year.

GPA 3.96.

3 years of research without publications.

Volunteering of 500hrs at a local hospital.

Members of a few clubs (no executive positions)

MCAT 12/8V/12/Q.


Would I have a better chance if I applied in 4th year instead? Assuming my ECs and MCAT doesn't improve significantly?


Thank you.


8V should not have any major impact on your app. GPA is excellent. Decent chance for interview.

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