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Just got my scores back from the Sept. 2 administration and glad to say I definitely exceeded what I was expecting to get! So I'm now selling all my MCAT prep materials. I'm not posting prices, just message me with your offers - I just want to get rid of them, they're taking up space and I just don't want to see them anymore :P


1) Kaplan Full MCAT package - everything you get from the course (and the books I credit for my score!) this includes flashcards (really useful when used properly), formula sheet, all books and filled out lesson book. I have two sets of these books. 1 is brand new and the other has some writing on the formula sheet, but the books are in brand new condition. These books are the newest edition.


2) Examkrackers MCAT - all books of the newest edition package. The biology book is ESSENTIAL for MCAT success. Comes with practice MCAT and orgo flashcards that are great for cementing mechanisms for BS (2 of which made an appearance on separate passages on my MCAT).


3) Examkrackers verbal - the older version. The newer version has the same questions broken up into more exams.

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