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What Schools should I Apply to?


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Wondering what tier of schools I should apply to


GPA (AMCAS): 3.84

MCAT: havn't taken it yet, but lets assume I get a reasonable score

Publications: I will be the primary author of two papers, poster presentation at the OKA and secondary author of another publication

Volunteer: major volunteer work at Sick Kids Hospital in the Clinical Cardiovascular Research Unit and I am an inter as an exercise physiologist at a well known hospital. I have also shadowed many physicians and other medical professionals. I also have smaller volunteer work and relevant hobbies (running clubs and such).

I also have significant work experience in and outside the medical field.


what do you guys think?

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define reasonable


a reasonable MCAT score at Wayne state would be not be a "reasonable" school at Harvard. But if your definition of "reasonable" is that of the average matriculant, 30-33, then you should apply to the Canadian friendly schools like Wayne state, jefferson, SUNY upstate etc. Check this years interviewee thread for schools that offer interviews to CAD kids and what their stats are

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