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Non-Science Young Mother of 2

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Hi there,


I am 21 years old and currently attending Laurentian for Psychology (Hon. Arts). I am somewhere in between my 2nd and 3rd year (I have 6 credits left to be done my 2nd year and I am enrolled in 12 credits right now). My GPA is 3.75, and I have 2 years left in my degree.


I have no chem, orgo chem, or physics. I have taken BIO part 1 and received an 85, but couldn't take part 2 as I gave birth to my son. I plan to take it soon. BTW the other courses aren't offered 'in person' at my school - I can take them via distance ed but I am scared to as I prefer to learn in a lecture rather than self teach.


I have started to volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society, finding time in between studying and taking care of my young children (2 and 1). I have just completed 6 hours with the CCS.


I want to go to McMaster. I know Mc needs the VR portion of the MCAT. I plan to self teach the other parts (I have started with physics) using TPR and physics for dummies I and II. I also just ordered the EK physics book.


Does anyone have any advice for me?



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If you haven't taken the science courses, I would personally recommend taking the LiveOnline Princeton Review course so you can take the relevant courses from home if that accomodates your lifestyle better.


For self-practice, I found that EK Verbal is especially helpful.


The Princeton Review textbooks in the sciences are good for teaching everything from the beginning if you don't have background, but if you already have background in it, then you might like EK books better.


Also look at the EK book that gives tips on math relevant to MCAT.


There are also the EK audio cds for each subject that explain everything well, but I only used this for review.

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