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Interview this year?


You already applied, so all you can do is wait and hope. Being able to assess your chances requires more information.


Francophone, GPA, some northern and rural experiences gives you an ok chance of an interview.


5.5 years up north


When? If you graduated from a highschool in northern ontario, or spent the majority of your highschool years in the north then your chances will increase.


15 years rural southern ontario


How did the southern ontario community(ies) rate on the ROI (rural ontario index)? I say this because I have met people who consider Peterborough or New Market to be rural.


Of course, especially for someone not from Northern Ontario, I suspect that you can count your ABS and essays to be a major factor in your likelihood of getting an interview. That is just my guess, but I feel that people who are outside of NOSM's mandate area have to really sell themselves.


I don't feel that your GPA is likely to stop you from getting an interview, however, it will play a major factor post interview. 400 interviews - 64 spots. Not a large margin of error especially when you will be competing against people who have stellar applications in every section. Still a long-shot is better than no shot, and any MMI opportunity helps with future MMIs. Howeer, I suspect your chances are better at Mac where your VR will help and the MMI is weighted at 70% (I believe) vs 50% at NOSM.

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