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Physics and Organic Chem - Worth Taking for McGill?


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Hey guys, so I am still a 1st-year undergraduate student with a major in Neuroscience and a minor in Health Studies and a minor in Literature. I have been doing some research regarding the prerequisites for some of Canada's medical schools. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've noticed that the only university that requires that I take Physics and Organic Chemistry (aside from Biology and Chemistry) is McGill.


Most other universities require one-year course equivalent for a Biological Science, and a one-year course equivalent for a Physical Science, both of which I have credits for!


The only way I can be able to fit in taking Physics and Organic Chemistry is if I change my Health Studies minor into a Psychology minor. Do you think that this change is worth it?


Also, I know that some universities want to see that the courses I take in a specific year are at or above the level of the year of study. I am already taking 2nd year-level courses in my first year, but in order for me to take Physics, I will have to take that 1st year-level course in my 2nd year. Will that affect my application?


Thank you for reading all this! :)

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The University of Manitoba requires a full year of biochemistry which may be difficult to get without OChem (OChem was a prereq for the BChem courses I took in undergrad at least).

The University of Calgary has "recommended" courses which Physics, OChem and BChem fall under as well. Not sure if this falls under their subjective assessment criteria.

The University of Alberta requires both OChem and Physics.

I don't know other Canadian schools quite so well, so I'll let someone else answer about them.


Taking physics in your second year is totally fine and I highly recommend doing so. Remember that you'll have to do some OChem and physics studying anyway for the MCAT whenever you decide to take it.

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