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1 credit course? chem 235

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How does a course worth only 1 credit affect your GPA?


I'm taking organic chem which is worth 3 credits, and then a separate organic chem lab that is worth only 1 credit (it is a separate course from the actual orgo class since you can take the orgo class without taking the lab, but you cant take the lab without taking the real course)


Anyway, I have 32 credits this year, and 16 for my first term, but this lab is only worth 1 credit. I really am horrible at labs and screwed up immensely in a really big lab and think I'll get around 75-80% in the worst case scenario.


I was wondering how my overall GPA would be affected if i apply to other schools in different provinces (I go to UBC) since they use the OSMAS scale and if I convert 75% to OSMAS scale that would be 3.30, but since it's worth only 1 credit I was wondering if the blow is lessened?


in terms of converting that grade to the OSMAS scale I was wondering how it would affect it? For example, these are my courses and some hypothetical marks


Chem 233: 85% (3 credits)

Biol 200: 85% (3 credits)

Biol 112: 85% (3 credits)

CLST 301: 95% (3 credits)

Germ 100: 95% (3 credits)


and then Chem 235:75% (1 credit)


So if I were using OSMAS to calculate my gpa on a 4.00 scale what would it be?


85% => 3.90

95% => 4.00

75% => 3.30


So would my gpa be (3.90x3 + 4.00x2 + 3.30)/6 = 3.83?


But the reason its so low is because the chem 235 lab is equally weighted with the other courses, so it factors in 1/6 of the gpa even though it's worth only 1/16 of the credits for this term.

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You need to convert your grades to grade points. You do that by multiplying the grade by the total number of credit-hours.


For example, if you get a 4.0 in one 3-credit course, the number of grade points is 4.0*3 = 12.


In your hypothetical situation, three 4-credit 3.90 courses and two 3-credit 4.0 courses give a total grade point of 59.1. A 1-credit 3.30 course adds another 3.30 onto that total to give 62.4.


The total amount of attempted credit-hours is 3+3+3+3+3+1 = 16.


62.4/16 gives you an overall GPA of 3.90.

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