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third-year courses + extenuating circumstances


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hi everyone,


due to some extenuating circumstances (which i can provide documentation from a physician for) i can only take correspondence courses at my university 2nd semester. there is not a lot of selection and ultimately, this means only 5.0 out of 10.0 credits for me will be at the 3rd or 4th year level (i am in third-year).



1) is this likely to only affect me at u of t, western and possibly calgary (with their "subjective academic evaluation)? i am an alberta IP. when i say "affect me" i mean with regards to the 3/5 rule where courses have to correspond to your year of study.

2) is this something u of t or western or calgary on any other university are likely to be mindful of if i state on my application that i had extenuating circumstances that required me to take correspondence courses (i can't attend lectures for the second semester because, for medical reasons, i have to be in another city 2.5 hours away, 4 days a week, not because i have an illness which physically prevents me from being able to lectures).

3) will they care about me taking so many correspondence courses when it's for a medical reason? is this something i even need to worry about providing documentation for?



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hey, you can definitely e-mail them and ask, they are often very nice about things like this. hope your treatment goes well :) don't worry so much, you have to put your health first and there are people who ask for special consideration due to other stuff which they could probably control more, so you would have a better shot, just e-mail them, tell them everything and i think they would accommodate you. best of luck!

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