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Should i drop or not

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Im in UofT third year. Did full load the past two years with 3.37 and 3.88.

I want the weighting formula but im getting cluster ownage by organic chem and my other courses.

Currently taking:







Next sem:




IMM334 (continue)



Im thinking of dropping orgo chem cuz i dont have time to study it while midterm is on Thurs. But that means i will have to take 6 courses for my second semester in order for the weighting formula. What do guys think?

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Based on your course selection, CHM247 likely does count toward your POSt, so CR/NCR probably isn't a choice for you. What is your POSt, anyway?


If it's owning you now, while you have 5 courses, I don't forsee it being any better when you have 6 courses. I took it while I had 6 courses and ALL my courses suffered. So out of those two options, keeping it sounds better.


Above poster is right, Dr. Dîcks is amazing. But it really is a brutal course, one that can't be taken lightly. Do your best on the midterm this Thursday and get caught up for the next one and final. Since there's a lab component, that will also help dilute a bad midterm.


And, if you do qualify for weighting, CHM247 will be droppable.

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