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Interview Invites/Regrets 2011-2012

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Invite/Rejection: Regrets

time stamp: Feb 27th 9:15am

GPA: 3.74, was not eligible for weighing formula

MCAT: met cutoffs

Year of applicant and UG/Grad? graduate student, finishing MSc.

ECs: 2 years on a varsity team, hospital volunteering, many clubs and organization, volunteered with autistic children, first author publication, international conference. Thought that my essay was well written, and I believe I had good reference letters.


Was really hoping UofT would give me a chance this year, as I would have loved to stay in Toronto. And I was really upset after reading the rejection... But I do have a US acceptance so it does make things a little better:)


Good luck to everyone else still waiting to hear from UofT

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Feb 27th 9:15am

GPA: 3.75 unweighted

MCAT: 14/14/15; 43R

4th year @ US undergrad (Ontario citizenship)

ECs: 3-year D-1 varsity athlete, lots of leadership but weak on research/clinical volunteering.


Broke the streak of Ontario interviews, but in at Dartmouth and Vanderbilt in the states so no skin off my back I guess. Best of luck to all!

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Invite/Rejection: Invite

GPA (weighted or cGPA?): OMSAS GPA 3.98

MCAT (PS/VR/BS/W): 15/12/15/R

Year of applicant and UG/Grad? 3rd year UG

ECs: Lot of research, lot of volunteering, overall above average

Interview date: March 25th (was originally offered March 4th, then March 3rd)


Time of Original E-mail: Feb 22, 4pm.



Applied: Queen's, McMaster, Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto

Invited: Queen's, McMaster, Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto

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OMGGGGG I GOT AN INVITE!!!!!! U of T is my only shot this year so I was beyond speechless when I got the email =DDD


Invite (timestamp on email: 10:17 am; interview date = march 23rd)

4th year undergrad


wGPA: do not qualify (so I'm very surprised I got an interview invite)

MCAT: flagged (VR = 8; HUGE surprise considering everyone else had exceptional stats so this is very humbling)

Essay: Was honest. nothing too special.

References: I know my 4th year thesis supervisor told me he spent a long time writing my reference letter and that he was sure it was a good enough one to get me an interview lol. Guess he was right?


I'm beyond ecstatic right now because I thought after all my other rejections from Ontario and OOP schools that there was no chance for me this year. Just goes to show that you must keep having faith!

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Timestamp on email: 10:17 am



wGPA: ~3.9

MCAT: 13/11/10/S

ECs: Four years of work experience in finance, variety of volunteering and research.

Essay: Talked about family medical history, diverse education (have two undergrads in non-medicine related fields), and research.

References: Pretty diverse.

Interview the weekend of March 23.


Good luck to everyone!

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Wow omg!!!

Invite time 4pm

Gpa omsas 3.65ish

Grad 3 pubs

Many conference presentations+invited presentations oral + poster

Ec: jobs such as research teaching restaurnat

Volunteering at hospital, w marginalized people, etc....


Cannot believe it march 25th is interview date!!


Good luck to everyone waiting!!!

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Invite! 3:39 pm today (Friday, March 2)


cGPA 3.68 (don't think I qualified for weighting, but would've been ~3.87)

Grad GPA 3.99

MCAT 8/10/10/M

Completed coursework MSc last year

No publications, but 2 manuscripts in prep

5 yrs varsity, plus other average ECs

Interview date - March 24th


In total disbelief right now!

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Invite - 3:56 PM March 2nd Time Stamp

GPA (weighted or cGPA?): cGPA 3.88 - I qualify for the weighting but I don't know what my GPA becomes after that.

MCAT (PS/VR/BS/W): 14/10/14/S

Year of applicant and UG/Grad ? 4th Year UG, McGill

ECs: Average. President of Club, hospital volunteering, bunch of leadership

Interview date: Sunday March 25th, 2012.


In complete shock and disbelief. Last year I got rejected on the first day. Good luck to all.

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Invite! 3:56PM


GPA: 3.86 (I think..)

Grad GPA: 3.85 (finishing MSc)

MCAT: above cutoffs

Publications: 2

ECs: lots of volunteering (international and local), research, charity work, physician shadowing etc.

Essay: I guess they liked it!


Interview date: March 25


I'm totally shocked/excited!! :D:eek::D

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Invite! 3:56PM :eek:


wGPA: 3.91

4th year undergrad

MCAT (PS/VR/BS/W): 12/8/11/S

ECs: I think above average: all are very long term commitments. Did research but nothing significant came out

Essay: It really outlines how I came to wanting to be a doctor


Interview date: March 25


I feel so blessed and happy right now. I got rejected so fast and hard from all the other Ontario med schools (didnt apply to Northern)...so im thankful to UofT's more holistic and non robotic system!!!

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Hi everyone, I've been lurking around these forums for a while and am happy to share that I received an interview for toronto yesterday!


Time Stamp: ~3:30 March 2


cGPA: 3.9+

MCAT (PS/VR/BS/W): 12/8/11/R

ECs: very strong IMO

Essay: just honest and straightforward

Interview: March 24


Congratulations and good luck to those who are waiting!

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Time stamp: 3:22 pm

wGPA = 3.86

MCAT = 10/11/11/Q

ECs = varied, research and many sports/activities/volunteer positions of personal interest

B.Sc. (Graduated 2009)

Essay = Had a blast writing it!


Interview date: March 25th


Honoured to be invited among these amazing applicants. Good luck to all of those waiting!


Congratulations to you and others!

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Time stamp: 4:52

Mcat 12/7/12 PS/VR/BS

EC: regular stuff, no publications

Undergrad 4th year



comments: very very excited! rejected everywhere but Toronto with my verbal score of 7!


I am sooo happy for you! :)


Just be yourself, you have the package.


We can PM if you like by you opening an account as SDN. Just follow the link below and PM futuredoc1004. :P

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