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Official letter of acceptance

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Do you mean by mail or something?


I think McGill does it electronically only lol. It's better for the environment :P

In my case I never received an official letter of acceptance from McGill.


Yes, by mail. I was asking because this is written on Minerva:

"Applicants are advised that the information displayed on this site may not be relied upon as an official acceptance to the University. The official admission decision is conveyed in the formal Letter of Acceptance."


So maybe it is the e-mail they sent me?!? Will give them a call tomorrow.


Thanks anyways Doctor Strangelove :)

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I payed online to Minerva and then also printed off the PDF and mailed it in confirming I understood the conditions of my acceptance. Anyone else? If anyone does call can you please post? Thank you!


PDF :confused: I just received an email signed by Dr Razak, no PDF attached... I will call the office tomorrow.
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Last year, McGill definitely did send an official letter of acceptance. The first one said that you were set to matriculate and then, once you had received all your final grades and there was nothing at all left outstanding, they sent you a second one.


They sent the first one for banking purposes I think. There was a note about it in the groupbox.

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Posted on the Class of 2016 google group


"You should be receiving the hard copies of the letters some time next week

to the mailing address as per your Minerva account. Please note that we

cannot consider you a registered or enrolled student until the first day,

August 21." Michel Dansereau.


Good day everybody :)

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