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Question for U.S. soon to be grad

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I am a senior at a U.S. medical school, I successfully matched into an advanced program in the U.S. However, I haven't had luck finding any preliminary medicine spots. I am also a Canadian citizen. I would like to look at my options in Canada. Can somebody please tell me what are my options and how I would go about applying to Canadian preliminary medicine programs for July 2011. Is there anywhere I can check for unfilled spots. I didn't use CaRMS.


Thank you.

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Of course, there are no prelim/transitional/any 1-year entry programs in Canada. But theoretically, if you did a year of internal medicine in an accredited Canadian residency, it probably will be accepted as a PGY-1 year before an advanced program, depending on the specialty.


For example, for neurology, ACGME guidelines (http://www.acgme.org/acWebsite/downloads/RRC_progReq/180_neurology_07012010.pdf) say:

"Residents must have one year of broad clinical experience in

general internal medicine either during the first year of a 48-month

program or a year of graduate education accredited by the

ACGME or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of

Canada prior to entering a 36-month program."

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