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Wondering if anyone has info on Dartmouth Medical School chances...


37R (11VR, 13BS, 13PS), 3.75 GPA, interviewed (not sure how it went, but was very conversational), and have been waitlisted. They don't specify whether it is a 'good' or 'bad' waitlist either. Does anyone know what proportion of waitlisted candidates are accepted by Dartmouth? What are general chances like?



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I think you should head over to SDN and ask that question over there.


Dartmouth is a hard school to get into. I had nearly almost identical stats to you 10 years ago and got rejected pre-int. I think today, though, with grade inflation, a 3.75 is probably on the low-end for their acceptance range.

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I have a similar MCAT score with a slightly higher GPA and was accepted. I think they generally don't accept too many people at first since their class size is only 90. But May 15th is coming up and people will have to make a decision so there should be a lot of waitlist movement at that time (or even earlier).


Generally, I hear that Dartmouth is pretty receptive to internationals compared to a lot of other US schools and the information on their website seems to confirm this.

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