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Can anyone comment on whether the Canada QBank questions are at all representative of the actual MCCQE1 questions, both in substance and in style? I went into Qbank knowing it was less than great but I'd done UWorld already for the USMLE CK exam. I'm just wondering if I can expect my QE answer choices to be ridiculously vague and/or my question stems to be written in broken English with bad grammar and poor spelling.

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Not directly related to your question but maybe of interest to others writing the MCCQE in the future...


I got USMLERx and have tried out USMLE World from a classmate.


Both are pretty much the same. I like the answer explanations a tad more with USMLERx.


If I was to study for the MCCQE again I think I would skip the question banks. I think that they are pretty low yield. They tend to test you on very very fine minutia. Which is cool if you want to study for a very long time. But the chances of the same minutia being examined on the MCCQE must be pretty low. Maybe the USMLE has favourite miniutia they always test on, I dunno...


Regardless I doubt the obseurities in the USMLE q banks I mentioned corrisponds with the MCCQE's favorite trivia. After all there is a lot of minutia in medicine and only so much time to study and a finite number of questions.


That's my two cents.

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