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Guest EB

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For those of you who just finished the CaRMS process - are students given the opportunity to submit a personalized resume printed on "nice" paper to the programs they're applying to?


I've heard the CaRMS site has some sort of web-based resume program where you input the data, but I can only imagine it creates a standardized form that is probably very long because you can't really format it...


I've been updating my resume over the past few days and I've started wondering how things will work for applications next year....

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Guest UWOMED2005

Yes, there is an option to attach extra documents to your CaRMS resume. . .


The standardized resume CaRMs uses isn't bad, but it doesn't have flashy paper or allow you to include/neglect things that make you look better. Which is exactly the reason CaRMS does things that way. . . so programs look at what you've done over what flashy paper and fonts you've used.


You can attach an extra resume in the "extra documents" section. But there's no guarantee any program will at your extra resume. Or that they won't get annoyed that you've sent them extra junk to read.


Best bet is to talk to one of the residents in the programs you're going for (while doing electives) to see if an extra resume would help or hurt your application.

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I didn't mean to imply that I wanted to trick programs by neglecting things or using flashy fonts... It's just that at this point, using 1 cm margins, 10 point font, and 4 point spacing between entries, my resume is already > 5 pages and will certainly grow some more before CaRMS... If the CaRMS file doesn't let you adjust margins, font sizing or play with spacing, then it's going to be pretty thick once it's done...


Do you remember what headings the CaRMS resume uses?


With respect to extra documents - should abstracts or papers that I have written while in med school be sent to programs?

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Guest UWOMED2005

Don't worry EB - I wasn't trying to imply any malice on your part!!


Hmm. I don't seem to have a copy of my CaRMS application lying around. The general headings though were:


- Name and contact info

- Undergrad schooling info

- Grad school info

- Medical School info (ie MD where)

- Electives

- Research - experience and publications

- volunteer experience

- work experience

- section for extracurrics


I could easily be forgetting stuff.


My 'resume'* was several pages long. I think it's designed to be that way, rather than traditional resumes which are supposed to be 2 pages max. So don't worry about that too much. There is no adjustment of fonts, spacing or margins.


I would definitely sent abstracts or papers as extra documents. I'm just not so sure how sending an extra resume would be received as that would mean sending an extra document, and in your case. . . 10-15 pages worth of resume!


*The 'resume' is essentially the application.

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