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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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Accepted to Hamilton campus!   GPA: 3.98 VR: 13 Just finished my third year (first degree non-trad) Mac considers me IP by their criteria. Thought my interview was fun.   Holy crap I'm shaki

TIMESTAMP: 8:18 AM   Accepted, Hamilton Campus GPA: 3.83 VR: 11 Interview: I felt really good about a few stations, really seconded guessed myself about a couple others.   Thank you to e

Accepted to Hamilton Campus Timestamp: 10:58 am Total GPA: 3.30 CARS: 130 Casper: Felt pretty neutral.. I did lots of prep. Honestly felt kinda meh about it, I had felt better in previous years, b

Really late, but just thought I would contribute to the stats:


Date: May 12th


OMSAS cGPA: 3.87
VR Score: 10
How you felt CASPER went: fine I guess...I had nothing to compare it to as it was my first time doing CASPER or anything like it
Geography : IP
Current year: graduated 4th year UG
Interview: felt really good coming out. Upon further reflection, I think I bombed 1, had a pretty cringey 2, did well in 2, and the other 3 were meh


EDIT: Got off the waitlist at 4:35pm May 27th, Hamilton (first choice) :)

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I'm pretty late to the party, too, but I'll post here anyway.



VR Score: 14


Geography: IP

Current year: 3rd

CASPER: didn't feel too rough

Interview: got destructed LOL


At least now I know how much harder I have to work on those interviews for next time :^)

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Accepted off Waitlist to Hamilton Campus.
Timestamp: 3:58PM EST

Super excited to be attending. Got the email whilst eating lunch at work so I started hi-fiving the air, oblivious to my coworkers.

cGPA: 3.84

VR: 13

Geo: OOP

Year: Year 3 Undergrad

Casper: Lots of ideas in my head, not enough finger dexterity to type it all out in time

Interview: Bombed two because they were of a type that I did not know was part of MMI... did average on most others, 2-3 felt really good because they featured things that I actually experienced.

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Accepted off WL to Hamilton today. Time stamp: 3:53pm

cGPA: ~3.90 

Vr: 10

CASPER: felt like my ability to type fast gave me an edge to type more of my thoughts and I made sure to answer all questions per section rather than making each answer as perfect as possible. 

Current Year: 1 year post graduation from undergrad

Interview: felt good about most stations except 2-3. I think confidence was a strength for me. 

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Accepted off the waitlist to Hamilton campus!!!


Timestamp: 4:14PM

cGPA: 3.91

VR: 10

Current year: 2nd year MSc

CASPer: I think it went well, obviously well enough to get me an interview.

Interview: I was really confident afterward but know I was iffy on 2 stations.



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Accepted off Wait List to Hamilton campus on May 27th

cGPA: 3.98

VR Score: 11

How you felt CASPER went: Hard to say.

Geography : IP

Current year: 4th year

Interview: Came out of the interview thinking it went great. But the more I thought about it, the worse I thought I did. In reality though, I probably had a couple good stations, ~1 bad one, and the rest were pretty average.

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Late to post. Accepted May 12 Hamilton Campus (1st choice)

cGPA: 3.79
VR: 11
Geography: IP
Current Year: Graduated/non-trad
CASPER: Felt great about some, barely got anything out for others (tend to be concise) 
Interview: Felt great about most, meh about 1, awful about 1. 

Declined this offer for a different school. Good luck to those still waiting on waitlist movement! :)

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Accepted off Waitlist to Niagara Campus - Timestamp: 7:56 AM


cGPA: 3.88

VR: 13

Geo: IP

Year: Completed Ph.D.

Casper: Good, I think - Hemmingway-esque (i.e. short) in places, but I filled all the slots. I focused more on clarity of argument than complexity.

Interview: Pretty mixed. Some went really well, some much less so.


I've accepted the offer. See everyone in August!

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Accepted off waitlist to HAMILTON!!


I'm flipping out right now, my heart just went from 80 bpm to 150 and my hands are shaking!


cGPA: 3.92

VR: 11 




3rd year applicant


Casper: Thought I did ok, I'm a pretty decent typer, wrote a lot and didn't run out of time on any questions

Interview: 2 bad stations (one was just unprepared and the other was a lack of total information), the rest were pretty good. I ran out of time on several stations, so keep that in mind. I tend to talk a lot and have a lot to say, but it worked out in the end!


P.S. I only wrote verbal and I managed to get in. This has been done before as well, so getting in with 1/11/1 is possible! 

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Accepted off the wait list to the Hamilton campus on June 2nd, 2015 @ 9:42 AM - I have accepted the offer and look forward to meeting everyone!

cGPA: 3.85
VR Score: 11
How you felt CASPER went: I thought I did okay - not great, not horrible.
Geography : IP
Current year: 4th year UG
Interview: Most stations were okay - I didn't feel like I had any fantastic stations but I had 2 - 3 stations where I felt like I did horrible. Glad it all worked out in the end!

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Accepted off Waitlist to Waterloo Campus on May 21 - Timestamp: 5:55 pm


OMSAS cGPA: 3.89

VR: 14

Geo: IP

Year: 3rd

Casper: It seemed decent, but it was really just a blur. I didn't feel uncomfortable, nor did I feel comfortable.

Interview: I actually had a lot of fun! I thought that I did the best job I possibly could at the time, even though there were a number of areas that I thought I should've improved. Overall, I felt that I did the best I could considering my circumstances at the time, but I knew my interviews had flaws.

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Accepted - Hamilton

Time Stamp: 8:12 AM

GPA: 3.93

CARS: 130

CASPer: Thought it went well - I put a couple of solid sentences for each prompt.

Interview: I had a really great experience. I loved Mac and thought the interview was my best one.


ECs: older (33) non-trad student, check my other posts for more details.


So excited!! I called my wife and we both started crying on the phone.

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