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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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Accepted to Hamilton campus!   GPA: 3.98 VR: 13 Just finished my third year (first degree non-trad) Mac considers me IP by their criteria. Thought my interview was fun.   Holy crap I'm shaki

TIMESTAMP: 8:18 AM   Accepted, Hamilton Campus GPA: 3.83 VR: 11 Interview: I felt really good about a few stations, really seconded guessed myself about a couple others.   Thank you to e

Accepted to Hamilton Campus Timestamp: 10:58 am Total GPA: 3.30 CARS: 130 Casper: Felt pretty neutral.. I did lots of prep. Honestly felt kinda meh about it, I had felt better in previous years, b

Accepted - Hamilton

Time Stamp: 8:12 AM EST

GPA: 3.77

VR: 12

CASPer: I felt very good about it.

Interview: Thought it went really well, with the exception of one station.


ECs: Ensemble musician, varsity athlete, hospital research, other stuff


I feel really fortunate to have been accepted at Mac! Congratulations to everyone else!!!

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EDIT: Accepted off the waitlist on June 10th! Getting in with a lower VR is possible!!



Time: 8:23 AM

GPA: 3.90

VR: 9

Interview: Left with a big smile on my face and was happy with how I thought I performed... we will see if that was correct if an offer comes my way!


Completed undergrad


Congrats to those accepted!

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EDIT: accepted off the waitlist- Waterloo campus. May 18 2:15 PM

8:22 AM

GPA: 3.93

VR: 11

Casper: I thought it went well. Didn't get an interview my first time applying to Mac, but I got one at Ottawa and Mac this year, so it must have improved, despite some major computer glitches 

Interview: I was happy with my performance at the interviews. 1-2 stations that weren't amazing but I thought I really did great on a few others to counteract that. 

OOP (2nd year Masters) 

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8:12 AM

GPA: 3.84

VR: 11

Casper: Second time writing it (applied in 3rd year as well) and I felt this time went much worse than the year before. Since I didn't get an interview last year but got one this year I guess that's just evidence you can't really trust your intuition all the time...

Interview: I came out very confident but felt that there was about 3 stations that I didn't really know how I performed/were a bit awkward.

IP (4th Year Undergrad) 


Going to be waiting on Western's decision later today as I'm still undecided where I'd like to go. Both schools were great experiences and places I'd love to call home so we'll see what Western says later today.

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Time: 8:22 AM
GPA: 3.84
VR: 13
Casper: Felt pretty good but wasn't sure how to judge so who knows!
Interview: Bombed one, felt okay about a couple, felt really good about most stations. We'll see.
Completed undergrad + masters

Congrats everyone! Can't wait to keep feeling low key anxious for several more weeks hahaha


EDIT: Offered admission to Waterloo campus! 3:19 pm AST on May 18th. 

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Accepted - Niagara Campus
Time: 8:16 AM
GPA: 3.85
Verbal: 11
Interview: I felt my interview was unimprovable at the beginning, but I questioned it as time went on.




I want to preface this by saying I am absolutely ecstatic to be accepted at Mac. One question I did have was whether it would be possible to switch campuses (Niagara -> Hamilton) by any chance? I had listed Hamilton as my top choice and was /very slightly/ disappointed to see myself accepted to Niagara. Please don't get me wrong I will happily attend either!!!

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Accepted - Waterloo campus

Time stamp: 8:19

When I left, I didn't feel like there was anything glaringly wrong with any station, and several had gone quite well. That changed a bit as I got into rehashing it all in my mind, lol. On the whole I worked hard at throwing myself into enjoying the day, being engaged and friendly and trying to have fun, to keep myself relaxed (the importance of the latter can't be overstated). As a result I felt like I was able to be myself much more than I was last year. Also I practiced a lot with a great group of people before the big day.


Finished UG December 2015


I am thrilled and in disbelief.  I'm also so excited to be going to the Waterloo campus, which was my top choice. Congratulations to all accepted (can't wait to meet you!), hang in there waitlisters, and to the rest: I was flat-out rejected post-interview last year and so heartbroken, but looking back I can see that this extra year has given me an opportunity to develop in some important ways. Even if I hadn't gotten in this year, I really have come to believe in the process... I'm happy to share some of the things I worked on between last year and this year, if anybody wants to get in touch. :) Best to all!

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Accepted - Hamilton (1st choice campus)

Timestamp: 8:13 am (EST)

GPA: 3.92

CARS: 131

CASPER: Cutoff mid-sentence multiple times, tried to be balanced, practical and acknowledge multiple perspectives...didn't feel that great about it at the time (probably just stressed out).

Interview: Felt like I did average or worse walking out...totally missed the point of a few stations looking back as I was way more focused on other commitments I had going on in my life around the time of this interview and wasn't really as focused on this interview as I should have been. Guess I still managed to provide enough value/relevance in my answers to be offered admission.


Graduating UG

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