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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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Similar to MLK, been around the forums for a while but have never posted. This place has been super helpful (and perhaps a bit of an unhealthy obsession at times haha) but thought I'd contribute to this thread (finally!)

Timestamp: May 10 (8:21 am), accepted to Niagara campus (May 27, 1pm)
GPA: 3.59
VR: 128
Casper: Was straight forward with my responses, didn't answer all of the questions completely but felt it went decently overall!
Interview: Felt like it was representative of me which is all you can really ask for!

Was rough toughing out these past few weeks, but glad to be off the waitlist. 3 application cycles, along with 3 MCATS later, I'm glad to be done!

Best of luck to all those still on the waitlist, I'm sure I'll be seeing you guys soon :)

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Accepted to Hamilton campus!   GPA: 3.98 VR: 13 Just finished my third year (first degree non-trad) Mac considers me IP by their criteria. Thought my interview was fun.   Holy crap I'm shaki

TIMESTAMP: 8:18 AM   Accepted, Hamilton Campus GPA: 3.83 VR: 11 Interview: I felt really good about a few stations, really seconded guessed myself about a couple others.   Thank you to e

Accepted to Hamilton Campus Timestamp: 10:58 am Total GPA: 3.30 CARS: 130 Casper: Felt pretty neutral.. I did lots of prep. Honestly felt kinda meh about it, I had felt better in previous years, b

For data purposes:


Wait listed May 10th at 8:22am (still on the waitlist)


GPA: 3.88

CARS: 128

Casper: I didn't think I would get an interview but it went relatively well I suppose

Interview: Take it with a few grains of salt...but I think that I messed up badly on 2, mediocre for 1, between average-good for 6, superb on 1.


EDIT: In off the wait list..

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For data purposes as well:


Waitlisted May 10th 8:23am

GPA: 3.73


CASPer: Pretty sure it went well since Mac and Ottawa were my only two interviews, and I thought I did a decent job at the time.

Interview: Thought it went pretty well, but I bombed 1 station, and could have done better at a few others. 


I have already accepted Ottawa (off the wait list May 26th) and removed myself from the Mac wait list. Good luck everybody! 

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More data!


Result: Waitlisted (May 10)

Time Stamp: 8:22am

cGPA: 3.95
VR: 10
ECs: Work in a research lab (1 semester), cancer centre within a hospital (2 summers), orientation week leader and student society executive, co-authorship on one paper published, volunteering at a hospital for 3 years, shadowing a family doctor

Interview: I liked the MMI format very much. Felt that maybe 2 of the stations didn't go great, but I gave some of my best answers on MMI questions here, I thought.
Year: UG 4th year


Removed myself from the waitlist after an acceptance from Queen's. Good luck!

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Accepted!! And confirmed...

MD/PhD program

GPA: 3.73

CARS: 129

Much excited. Such dreams. So cloud 9.

But seriously couldn't have gotten here without god and the amazing people he surrounded me with.

Getting in to medical school was the prologue (a very good, exciting adventure), now the real journey will begin for me!

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Accepted to Hamilton
Timestamp: 8:28
GPA: 3.94
CARS: 130
Casper: gg wrote a lot, went wel; I assume
Interview: 4 stations were really good, all other ones were decent
3rd year IP

Lurked premed101 since high school; the collective unconscious of premed community has been very helpful and I'm thankful to all of you :)
Excited to see everyone in August and best of luck to the applicants on the waitlist!

PS: just like some of the posters from previous years had cheerios for breakfast lol

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Accepted to Hamilton!!! Extremely grateful.


Timestamp: 8:28 am

cGPA: 3.91

CARS: 127

Interview: honestly had no idea how it went. Some stations went extremely well, others I was very disappointed. I guess a strength of the MMI is that you can recover from a couple bad stations.

IP, 4th year UG

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Waitlisted  -- Accepted off waitlist
Timestamp - 8:35am EST, May 9, 2017. (Offer Email: 2:59pm EST, May 25, 2017)

cGPA - 3.74

CARS - 128

CasPER - I type pretty fast, so I guess I was able to go more in depth for the questions. Overall felt decent.

Interview - Definitely messed up at least one station, but others felt decent.

IP, 4th year UG


Have been a long time lurker and only created an account this year.

After being rejected pre-interview at all the schools last year, I was devastated.

Mac is my top choice for medical school, and I am absolutely lost for words right now.

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Accepted to Hamilton!!!! I'm so happy :')


cGPA: 3.94

CARS: 129

Casper: don't remember extremely well but I think I had lots of personal examples and made some good points on some questions?

Interview: Had a good feeling at the end bc most stations felt pretty good or at least okay, only one super cringey "WTF AM I DOING" station

IP, 4th yr UG



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Accepted to Hamilton! 
Timestamp - 8:28am

cGPA - 4.00

CARS - 129

CasPER - Pretty meh. I definitely missed the point of a couple of questions but I'm a pretty quick typer so I guess that helped.

Interview - Really mixed; felt like I did amazing on 3 stations, bombed 3, and mediocre on the rest. Honestly I was expecting to be at best waitlisted.

Honestly in shock. I was so excited I almost got hit by a car on the way to work.

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Accepted to Hamilton campus!! I'm so excited XD


Timestamp: 8:28 am

cGPA: 3.89

CARS: 128

Casper: Felt really good after. Did lots of prep. Typed fast.

Interview: Did lots of prep (like hundreds of questions). Glad it all paid off. The acting station went pretty bad. Others went well. 


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Accepted to Hamilton Campus

Timestamp: 10:58 am

Total GPA: 3.30

CARS: 130

Casper: Felt pretty neutral.. I did lots of prep. Honestly felt kinda meh about it, I had felt better in previous years, but clearly it went well!

Interview: Felt good, most of the questions felt like easy answers but again so hard to say. 


Mostly posting this so you other low GPAs out there can see - kill the MCAT, kill Casper, and it can be done!!!!

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Time Stamp: 8:36 AM EST

CGPA: 3.92

CARS: 130

CASPER: Felt rough. Good enough for an interview, apparently.

Interview: A couple stations went really well, one or two were a little shaky. Overall, a great experience though.



EDIT: Accepted off the Waitlist to Waterloo June 2 at 10:02 AM.

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