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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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1 minute ago, Nirvanesthesia said:

I responded and haven't received anything afterwards yet either. May try calling tomorrow if I don't hear anything by then

I called like 40 mins after and wendy said I'd get an email within the hour but it's been 2 and nothing yet. Just want it official and written somewhere haha

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Accepted to Hamilton campus!   GPA: 3.98 VR: 13 Just finished my third year (first degree non-trad) Mac considers me IP by their criteria. Thought my interview was fun.   Holy crap I'm shaki

TIMESTAMP: 8:18 AM   Accepted, Hamilton Campus GPA: 3.83 VR: 11 Interview: I felt really good about a few stations, really seconded guessed myself about a couple others.   Thank you to e

Accepted to Hamilton Campus Timestamp: 10:58 am Total GPA: 3.30 CARS: 130 Casper: Felt pretty neutral.. I did lots of prep. Honestly felt kinda meh about it, I had felt better in previous years, b

Made an account so I could contribute to the stats. 

Result: Accepted off the waitlist (Hamilton Campus) 


Original waitlist timestamp: May 14, 7:55 AM.

Waitlist acceptance timestamp: May 30, 10:25 AM. 

cGPA: 3.94 

CARS: 129

Interview: Felt I did pretty average for most of the stations. Thought I bombed 2 stations.

Year: Just graduated this year from a 4-year program. 

Geography: IP

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