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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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Guest PraiseHismightyWorks

hey everyone,

Can we start one of those threads here, it seems like with the ezboard problems, we lost that thread!

so sample post would be

1. Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted?

2. GPA (OMSAS is preferable) and level of education (ie bsc ,masters, or last program attended)

3. MCAT Scores if available

4. summer plans just for fun ;)


Looking forward to August!

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Accepted to Hamilton campus!   GPA: 3.98 VR: 13 Just finished my third year (first degree non-trad) Mac considers me IP by their criteria. Thought my interview was fun.   Holy crap I'm shaki

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Guest PraiseHismightyWorks

I'll get things started:

1. Accepted off the waitlist on June 16

2. 3.84 after three years of undergrad, so will finish with a BSc.

3.29O (PS. 13, VR 6, O, and BS. 10) stupid VERBAL!

4. prolly heading to cuba in august, and learning to play golf during the summer!

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Guest MDHopefully2005

1. Accepted off of the waitlist June 16th :D

2. GPA 3.86

3. No MCATs (yeah! especially considering they will be requiring a portion of it at Mac next year! :D )

4. Work, work and more work (gotta pay for school now!)...with some fun weekend trips in between.

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Guest malkastate

Sorry to get off topic but is it true what MDhopefully2005 said about the MCAT? Is Mac really going to require it for this coming application cycle? If so I am very sad/worried.

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Guest MacMDWannabe

1. Waitlisted but got the call June 15th and accepted 16th

2. GPA 3.96, completed 3 years of undergrad

3. MCAT - BS 11 PS 10 VR 11 M (the essay screwed me.. :rolleyes )

4. No clue what i'm doing in the summer now... but definitely enjoying it

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1. accepted

2. GPA = 3.92; 4yrs undergrad in human bio

3. MCAT: BS 13, PS 12, VR 8, WS Q


I just told Wendy today that I will not be going to McMaster. I was called off the waitlist for UofT so I will be going there. Someone should be receiving a very nice phone call this afternoon!

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Guest OS McMac

Thank You KJ and Wendy,


Shortly after reading your post I got a call saying that my name has come up on the waitlist.


1. Waitlisted, accepted June 24th

2. 3.84, 3 Year complete in Bio

3. MCAT: 10 PS, 9 VR, 11 BS, Q WS

4. Work, work , work.

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Guest currentlybored

1. Accepted (first round) but decided to go elsewhere (UWO)

2. GPA 3.96 after 3 years of undergrad

3. MCAT B 11,P 13,V 11,WS R

4. Working (research)


Congratulations everybody

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Guest Waiting4Meds

Hey everyone.... don't worry, keep waiting because the list is definately still moving!!! Got that wonderful call from Wendy today (June 28th)!!! I had just about given up, started to work on a back up plan, so it really does come when you least expect it!


GPA for 4 years: 3.75

Went to Western for Physiology, just graduated!

Waitlisted at UWO and now accepted off mac's waitlist.

Working the rest of the summer with lost of cottage parties in between, haha, too nice to quit my job i guess plus could use the extra cash!



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I got in as well. I just got the call (around 9AM or so).


Waitlisted at McGill and Accepted at McMaster

Graduated from UT with a Hon. BSc

OMSAS = 3.86 (I think)

13B, 11P, 8V, O

Working at a research lab in Toronto until July, and joining in PraiseHimightWorks in Cuba in August.


See you guys in August.

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Guest NurseNathalie


GPA: only 3.63 (I'm almost ashamed to post this! lol)

didn't take MCAT

Background: come on! take a guess! lol (Nursing >12 years)

Summer plans: finish up my focus groups (Cross-Canada study on the recruitment and retention of Oncology nurses) and hopefully take August off, to organize my 4 kids for when I go off to school.

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Guest Sweet C

Accepted off the waitlist today!

2. GPA 3.79

3. no MCAT

4. just chillaxin' (well, working and racing too :D )


Congrats to everyone who's been accepted so far... and take heart fellow waitlisters, the wait list is still moving!!

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Guest TyShams

OOP Applicant


1)Accepted off the waitlist


3)MCAT 30P

4)Research in neurology and working part time at a hotel. Other than that, I'm just focusing on going to the gym and getting in shape.


Although I was accepted, I will not be attending MAC as I have been accepted at McGill, my first choice.

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  • 1 year later...

Just got accepted this morning at Mac!

First time applying, just finished my Honours BA in Kinesiology at Mac and I haven't written the MCAT or indeed even taken Chemistry or Physics in University. To all you non-science people out there, there is hope!


GPA: 3.79

MCAT: none

Lots of volunteering in different areas, lots of (unrelated) employment, travel, no research experience, some athletics.

Rejected from NOSM pre-interview.

Accepted at Mac! Unbelievable! Congrats to all those who have made it in and keep trying to everyone else.

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I received my rejection letter today :(.


OMSAS cGPA: 3.88 MCAT: 37R Various EC's, awards, research, work etc.


Felt like everything went well in essays and interviews, but I guess I'm not the type of applicant they're looking for.


Good news is I got accepted to UofT and Queens and will be choosing UofT. GL to all other McMaster hopefuls!

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Wow, what an adventure this has been for me.


This is my 4th time applying. It's easy to lose all hope when you've applied as many times as I have, seen so many of your classmates get into med school and in some cases graduate and begin residency...


I suppose perseverance pays off!


I'm an Alberta resident finishing up my MSc. My GPA was ~ 3.65 - 3.7.


I was accepted by McMaster. This is my fourth time applying to this school. I have also been accepted to the U of Alberta, where I will likely go.


For everyone who doesn't believe in him-/herself, I know the feeling. And when I realized I can do this and that I deserved to believe in myself, doors opened and confirmations came. Best of luck to everyone who will taste of disappointment; however, if you allow it, this disappointment can only make you more humble and much stronger.

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Just submitted MSc. thesis at U of O in Biology



MCAT BS 12 PS 10 VR 10 WS Q

EC's nothing spectacular, just something local I enjoyed every year, no real travelling or hospital volunteering


Accepted: U of T, Western and Mac

Waitlisted: Queen's, NOSM

Rejected pre interview: Ottawa


Not sure where I'm going yet, kind of wanted Queen's but I'll have to wait and see.


This was my second time applying, last year got interviews at NOSM, U of O and Mac but got rejected at all three.

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I was classifed as OOP (Victoria, BC), but currently living in Ottawa. My GPA was 3.99 (BEng in Electrical) and my MCAT scores were:


Physical Sciences: 13

Verbal: 11

Biological Sciences: 10

Written Sample: R


EC: Music, volunteering at hospital, live theatre.


I was accepted by McMaster. This is my first time applying to this school. I'm currently working in Engineering and have been for almost 2 years


Queen's is my first choice (just closer to Ottawa, where the finacee is) but will likely be attending Mac. Still very very very happy!


Congrats to all who were accepted at a school, and good luck to those of you waiting!

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From Markham, Ontario. Just finished my Honours Kinesiology degree at U of Waterloo. First time applying to Mac.


Accepted at: UT

Rejected by: Ottawa, Queen's, and UWO pre-interview / Mac post-interview.


First-choice was always UT so that ONE acceptance is all I need!


Undergrad GPA: 3.89 (OMSAS)

MCAT (PS/VR/WS/BS): 12, 9, P, 10


Can't wait for August!!! :D Good luck to everyone!

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With so many qualified applicants and so little spots, I feel very privileged to be accepted!


I am currently completing a Master's degree in medical science at U of T. This is my third time applying.


GPA: 3.73ish (OMSAS)

EC's: research, volunteering (int'l and hospital), sports, arts, exec, etc.

Worked very hard on my questions.


Rejected pre-interview: western, queens, NOSM, + OOP

Wait-listed: Ottawa

Accepted: Mac, U of T


Will most likely go to U of T (home town). Congrats to everyone! And if it did not work out for you this year, keep persevering because eventually you will get in if you want it badly enough.

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Hey everyone,


I'm an Ontario resident in Honors Spec. Med. Sci. at Western. My GPA was 3.83 and my MCAT scores were: 26Q, 30P


I was accepted by McMaster, waitlisted (#33) at NOSM, and rejected post-interview for MD/PhD at Western. This is my second time applying to this school.


Of all the schools I applied to, I will attend McMaster as my first choice.


*All the best to those on the waitlist! I'm rooting for you!


*For those that are reapplying, read the Bioethics for Clinicians Series by the CMAJ...Google it or find the link on this forum somewhere. It made all the difference in my application and interview.


Anyone going to Mac from London?!

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