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CV vs. Resume

Guest Jerika81

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Guest Jerika81

So what's the difference between a CV and a resume?

I need to make up a CV but I've never done this before and have no clue where to start. :rolleyes Help??

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Guest cheech10

A resume is generally 1 page max, and business oriented, while a CV is as long as necessary, includes all details, and is academically oriented.

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Guest byjude

As cheech mentioned, a CV is preferred in academic circles - and may emphasize publications, presentations, awards, etc, whereas a resume is mostly just a list of your work experiences.


Unless you're applying to something in Quebec, in which case CV=resume basically.

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Guest Ian Wong

This book is pretty handy for information when crafting your CaRMS CV. It's called:


Resumes and Personal Statements for Health Professionals. James W. Tysinger. ISBN: 1-883620-01-5


Here's the Amazon.com link, with a review:



As an example, I've got my old CaRMS CV sitting around here, and these were the headings that I used:


At the top in the header was my contact information, including address, phone numbers, and email address. Then:


Medical Education

Undergraduate Education

Medical School Honours (both awards as well as honoured courses)

Research/Publications (both medical school and undergraduate)

Presentations (both medical school and undergraduate)

Medical School Electives

Employment (both medical and non-medical, if significant)

Volunteer Activities

Other Accomplishments

Hobbies and Interests


A CV can be as long as it needs to be to encompass everything regarding the position you are applying for. Still, if possible, tailor your CV to the position (cut out the extraneous stuff unless it's good stuff), and aim for two pages max (unless they ask for more). Just my opinion.



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