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Furniture for sale in Vancouver


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Hey fellow premed101s!

I've been living in Vancouver while working on my master's and I've just been accepted for med school back home on the east coast. I'm selling all of my furniture for really cheap and thought that if some incoming med students are moving to Vancouver this might help (or of course if you're in the area and just need furniture)! Please let me know via pm, email: lslade@psych.ubc.ca, or by replying to this thread if you are interested. I'd be happy to email photos as well if anyone's interested. Thanks!



-Futon mattress- I inherited it from a friend it's been great for guests. The first person to claim it can have it for free.


-Sealey HBC Elite Firm Bed- Mattress and Box spring, 2 years old. Very comfortable (and it's quite soft despite being labeled as "firm"). Immaculate condition. Original price was $1100, asking 550 OBO. I also have two pillows that you can have to go with it if you like!


-IKEA VIKA AMON desk- just a standard black top desk with metal legs. Asking $25.


-IKEA MOSES blackj leather desk chair with arm rests- Quite comfortable and looks brand new, asking $25.


-Black desk lamp, asking $5


-The best printer/scanner/photocopier in the world, Epson Stylus NX510 with wireless capabilities. Two years old this fall, still prints and scans wonderfully, ink cartridges last a long time as well and of course I still have the installation disk. Best used price on Amazon is $129.99, Asking $75 (since the ink is low!).


-A collection of about 30-40 plastic clothing hangers, good quality. Asking $5.


-Wooden night stand with one drawer and space for storage, light wood color. Asking $10


-Full length mirror in black frame, asking $5


-Medium size cork bulletin board, asking $3


-Blue storage crate, asking $3

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