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buying nfl tickets.


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Single game tickets go on sale in August. Seahawks usually sell out so get them fast and be prepared to pay.




I can buy tickets right now for about 70-100 bucks at the nfl ticket exchange. They definitely aren't great seats though. But I have never gone to an actual game before and the experience is going to be fun regardless.


300 bucks for each one for good one's but I prefer to spend my money on other things during that trip.


You think I should wait till they go on sale or buy them now? You can buy very good seats for 116$ when they go on sale. But if they sell out I would be pretty mad.

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Probably, man. Every time tickets go through a middle man their price increases a lot.

I can purchase the tickets from the middle man right now (nfl exchange). I was asking if its better to wait for the tickets to go on sale directly from the seahawks. But if I do that there might be a chance they sell out fast and my last resort would be to go back to the nfl ticket exchange. If I have to go back will the nfl ticket exchange charge even more after?

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