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Peters-Boyd Clerkship Schedule

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Hey there,


I was wondering if anyone doing clerkship right now from PB would mind sharing what their schedule looks like. I'm just curious how many often you go to the academy hospitals for your rotations to plan where I should live in 3rd and 4th year. If you don't mind, please PM me and I can give you my email. Yes, I know this is early, but I like to plan ahead!



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I was at PB for my clerkship core rotations.


It is a pain in the butt. I didn't get a car and lived downtown so the the travel adds upwards of an hour to your day when you add up both ways. But it is doable. I saved good $$$ withholding getting a car.


There was only one rotation where I had real problems and it was on general surgery. I was a fool and did 5 weeks of it and there was no way to get to Sunnybrook for AM rounds. We were rounding at 530AM and that meant leaving home at 500AM the latest. The subway won't work at this time as it is closed. Your only choice was a super slow bus or dishing out the cash for a cab in the mornings. I did the later. Nice thing ironicaly is that you are on call so much (every 4 days) so you don't have to worry about getting that taxi many mornings... It all really sucked at the moment but was still cheaper than a car in the end. In hindsight I have no regerts.


Sunnybrook is an intense place. After doing several months of electives elsewhere and now being at a different hospital for residency I appreciate the massive patient load I saw at Sunnybrook. You see a ton there. It is worth checking out.

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