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for Quebec students and how to convert gpa

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Hey Everybody,


I am really new at this. I am really passionate about becoming a doctor. The problem is when I started my bachelor's I did not do my research properly. I thought I could pull it off, guess what I BOMBED my bachelor's. Now I am wondering If I have a chance at medical school as I really do not want to spend my money if I do not have a chance.


Quebec student

My gpa/university gpa scale is 3.3/4.3 How do I convert this to AMACS scale? Also med schools require org chem, english...... these course the problem is I finished them in CEGEP(required in Quebec), how do we report those grades? also does my english from CEGEP counts or I have to take english credits in my undergrad at university?. I am so lost here. If someone from QUEBEC who is in med or knows the procedure can Help really appreciate it.

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