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My Chances?? (I know it's getting old but any feedback is appreciated)


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Hi, I've just finished by 4th year at McGill in Anatomy and Cell Biology. I did my first year at Dalhousie (I'm from Halifax) before transferring to McGill.


My cGPA (at McGill) is a 3.8 and 4.15 (at Dalhousie) --- if anyone knows how to calculate a final GPA from this pleaaase let me know!! :confused:


My MCAT is a 32Q. I wrote twice and got the exact same mark. (8VR, 12BS, 12PS and then 9VR, 11BS, 12PS).


My CV includes: (i) publication, (ii) a hip hop album sold for charity, (iii) certified medical responder, (iv) extensive tutoring and teaching, (v) many volunteering hours in labs and w/ habitat for humanity


I'm thinking of applying to:

Canadian: Ontario Schools and Dalhousie (I'm from Halifax)



(i) Albert Einstein (New York)

(ii) BU

(iii) Columbia

(iv) Mount Sinai (New York)


(vi) Northwestern (Chicago)

(vii) U Pennsylvania

(viii) Rosalind Franklin (Chicago)

(ix) Pritzker (U of Chicago)

(x) Cornell


I really am having trouble choosing american schools. This list will change for sure and any advice from you guys will help a lot. Should i try higher tier schools? Any schools not nice to Canadians?


Thannnkkk you :D

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