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OMSAS Activities "16 and older"...


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so just getting ready for omsas season and I'm making a list of all my activities since I was 16. I was wondering if we are allowed to list stuff that you started before 16 but continued on afterwords. For example, I worked a job for 2 years and started when I was about 15 and a half. So do I enter the activity dates when I started or when I turned 16? does this even matter? I just dont want this to be one of things where someone reads my application and says "this kids cant even follow the guidelines"....just dont want anything to hurt my application. Same thing for some other stuff. I played some sports through high school (gr 9-gr 12), while high school stuff dosnt really matter, if I have room Ill put it, but do I just enter gr 11 and 12? appreciate any advice from people who have already gone through the application process

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