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McMaster's admissions website is unclear about non-degree courses.


(situation: I completed an undergraduate degree, and then proceeded to go to Queens to take some part-time, non-degree courses over the last year).


One part of their website indicates:

"Only DEGREE courses taken at an accredited university will be considered."

which suggests that non-degree courses are ignored,


but other parts of the admissions site specify that "every undergraduate course ever taken" is considered.


Can anyone clarify this? I sent the admissions office an email, but got an automatic response that was no more helpful than the website.

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You always get an automatic response but you will receive an email from the admissions office eventually.


They look at every undergraduate university course you took. Courses you took as part of a degree must be from an accredited university. Even though your courses were non degree they are still going to include them into your GPA from what I understand.

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