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Additional Part-Time Year

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This policy varies across schools (ex. just confirmed that Dalhousie omits and McMaster includes). For Toronto it's still unclear to me.


I did a four-year, fulltime undergrad degree. I then went to Queen's to do an additional year of part-time, non-degree studies. What seems unclear is:


- will these extra few courses be included?

- either way, will my elibigilbity for the weighting formula be compromised (formerly wouldve been applied normally to my four-year fulltime degree)?



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1) The extra courses should be counted towards your cGPA calculation for U of T. I think all courses that you took prior to the submission of your application will be counted towards your cGPA (other than summers). You will probably need to send in 2 transcripts, one from your home school and one from Queen's. However you should contact admissions to confirm...


2) If you did 4 yr full course load for undergrad, your weighing formula should not be compromised. Your lowest 4 full credits will be taken off when they calculate your cGPA. I think the U of T formula works as long as you have 3+ straight yrs of full course load. But I think the 4 credits prob will have to come from your full course load yrs.

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