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Western 3/5 'current year creds'


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I know that I have to do 3/5 FCE credits at the same level as the year I'm in as a requirement for UWO's med school (i.e.: 3FCEs in 3rd year have to be at the 3rd year level) but does this apply in 4th year as well? Because like most people I don't have many 4th year credits to take in my degree, I would essentially have to take a bunch of random 4th year courses or even random 4th year electives... I'm assuming that in 4th year they are okay with me taking 3rd year courses to suffice this requirement? Please inform.


BTW link for what I'm talking about is: http://www.westerncalendar.uwo.ca/2011/pg534.html


And this rule I'm talking about can be under the "2. GPA" section

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